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Smoke on the water

Our status meetings are always so informative
Mike1: When Pete hears from someone about that thing we talked about earlier you can start on it. But not whoever I told you this morning, someone else. And Pete wants you to do it in email so it's documented.
Mike3: So I need to tell someone about something sometime. By email. Well, at least we cleared up one part of it.

Mike1 The standing Tuesday Interface Meeting is at 8am. I don't know where. Or why. But if you need to know when it is, that's when.

This was preceded by:
(14:08:39) griz: mmmmm food coma + sugar coma + cold rainy day. I'm ready for my nap now.
(14:09:28) griz: i'd go home and make a fire, except my fire place is surrounded by packed boxes and I have no firewood
(14:11:24) rev: pour the contents of the boxes on the floor, and two problems are solved at once
(14:11:42) griz: I knew you were going to say that.
(14:12:11) griz: of course, the adhesives in cardboard, plust the stuff the treat the outer layer with plus the ink are all toxic when burned.
(14:12:42) rev: Yea, but what's life without some risks?
(14:13:02) griz: safer?
(14:13:06) griz: longer?
(14:13:18) griz: not death?
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