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Inspired in part by a post from burningbird.

To assume that a person is entirely what you see on their website is foolish. To assume that people will not judge you based on your website is also foolish. I've observed this happen time and again.

A has a blog, and posts a certain subset of their thoughts on it. B reads the blog, and decides that person A is an idiot/pervert/threat to society/etc. Person A gets upset by this.

Who is the bigger fool, however? "A" must realize that people who read what they write will make judgements about them based on the information available. "B" must realize that the contents of a blog are not the sum total of who that person is, and is frequently just a very small part of who they are.

I've seen plenty of people who extrapolate all sorts of bizarre details about who a person is based solely on their blog entries (and they are almost invariably wrong). I've also seen people who spill far more personal details than they really are comfortable doing, and then getting mad that people make judgements the blogger based on those details.

Do I make judgements based on what I read in people's blogs? Of course I do. I also qualify those judgements by recognizing that I'm working from a very limited set of information, and I'm willing to adjust my opinions as new information becomes available.

I also make a point of not caring what people think of me based on what they read in my blog. If you don't like it, that's your problem, not mine.

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There's no such thing as 'feed the world' under capitalism, or any social benefit from efficiency or technology: if you could generate a world-day of foodstuffs for 29 cents with a wonderful machine, capitalism is about seeing who gets to hoard as much money as possible from that situation, and politics is about controlling as many people as possible by exerting power over that cornucopia. The bounty won't feed anyone if you don't let them have it. If you have enough power to withhold that bounty, you can control the people you're depriving. That gives you more power, and you win.
- Chris Johnson


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