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Destiny was calling, Monday afternoon

conv w/griz (a true Coloradan and recurring character here).

(11:29:56) griz: which only goes to prove that the world-wide-conspiracy to make all DBAs appear to be unstable, heavily armed sociopaths goes back a really long time
(11:30:12) rev: heh. It's a useful public image to have.
(11:31:01) griz: I think I'll stick with the "friendly, competent thorn-in-the-side-of-upper-management image
(11:31:33) rev: I shoot for the acerbic-but-lovable-smartass
(11:31:43) griz: heh
(11:31:47) rev: To be played by Matt LeBlanc in the movie version.
(11:32:00) rev: Whereas you'll be played by RMS*
(11:32:02) griz: ow - stop it
(11:32:05) griz: ow
(11:32:15) rev: :D

(11:36:01) rev: OK, so the mascots were racing. An italian sausage, a hot dog and a bratwurst or something. If this happens at games a lot, I'm going to start going to them. That would be worth the price of admission.
(11:36:18) rev: Screw the ballgame, I want to watch mascots racing.
(11:36:29) griz: just that ball park - the race happens every game, but not the assaults...
(11:36:46) rev: Well, yea. That'd be even better, but the race alone would be worth it.
(11:36:58) griz: ok - now you're scaring me - there is a word for people that are a little too into other people in foam rubber costumes...
(11:37:11) griz: I have no idea what it is, but I'm sure there's a word
(11:37:19) rev: Furries. Don't ask.
(11:38:01) griz: I wasn't intending to.
(11:40:19) griz: did you see (about a year ago) the coverage of the drunken father and son that jumped the fence and attacked the first base coach?
(11:40:50) rev: Oh yea, when parents who are living vicariouslythrough their children attack, next on Fox!
(11:41:03) griz: pretty much both benches were emptied to beat the crap out of the two fans.
(11:41:10) griz: A Fair and Balanced report
(11:41:16) griz: ow - stop it
(11:41:27) rev: Wholly without merit.

*Note that RMS is Richard M Stallman. If you know griz, this is hilarious. If you don't, it's still funny.

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