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Long, like the note I'm sending

You've seen people dressed in various outfits standing by the road promoting Subway or Pizza Hut or what have you. As I was driving home to begin what was to become a long night last night, I saw something that made me look twice. And wish that I had had my camera with me.I saw someone dressed as a moving truck. A big white moving truck. Kind of like the logo here. It was very very strange.

The night was long and stressful but ultimately ended well. So there's that.Mae may enlighten you. Or not.

Lately I've been getting confused in the parking garage, as there is a vehicle identical to mine (same year, make, model, color, trim package). And the idiot parks within a few spacesof me every day (except when he gets there first and I park within a few spaces of him). Asit turns out, it's Blecha. Which I find very entertaining.

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What bugs me the most is that people believe the computer should just work on whatever task they want it to. Do you get in your car and it should immediately read your mind and take you where you want to go? Or do you put all your groceries on top of the stove and hope for a gourmet meal?
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