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War: what is it good for

It's good for defense contractor profits, oil company profits, and that's pretty much it.

Instead of War, why not continue the inspections, as the inspectors themselves (vocal critics of Iraq) are suggesting. The fact that the entire rest of the world, aside from our vassal states, are opposed to this should be a fairly strong indicator that it's not the best idea our "leadership" has ever had. Even many conservative pundits are questioning the logic (to say nothing of the "evidence" presented by Powell). Notice that arch-conservative Wall Street is well aware what a bad idea this is and is opposed to it. The coalition of left, moderate, and right organizations, and the fact that the more someone knows about the middle east the more likely they are to be opposed to the war regardless of their political ideology, is yet another factor that reaffirms my belief that this is simply not the right war.

There is an independent media here in the Loop. Get with it.

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