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The Pied Piper of the TV screen is gonna make it simple

Did you see those crazy liberals on CNN last night? What about the ones on MSNBC? Fox? ABC? CBS? NBC? No? How come?

because there aren't any

Yea. The "liberal" media. If the media is so liberal, why are there 0(zero) nationally syndicated liberal talk radio shows? There are dozens of ultra right wing ones, and a few moderate ones. No liberal ones though. There are plenty of conservatives on the national news broadcasts and cable. And a fair number of moderates. No liberals. There are dozens and dozens of conservative national Op-Ed columnists, and fewer than a dozen liberals. The top papers in the country are overwhelmingly conservative or moderate (NYT, WSJ, WaPo, LAT, etc).

Some links of interest. Note that even the moderates at places like WaPo are starting to admit the rightward tilt of the media (up until very recently, the "liberal media" was most often touted as fact by such "liberal" media as the NYT and WaPo along with the solidly conservative and proud of it WSJ):

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