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My mom says I'm a cad

Grizzly works for a company that is offering to pay for his MCSD exam. He's been reviewing the assorted Microsoft certification options available.

Griz:I'm poking around the cert site and it looks like they've added an "intermediate" certification level. MSCP - one exam.
Griz: MCAD (you're a microsoft cad! what a great acronym) 2 exams and an elective.
Griz: all of which, done correctly are 3 of the 4 required exams for MCSE
rev: MCSP's been around for a while. It can't networking, it has to be an OS or a Server product or programming language.
Griz: yeah - the MCAD is the new one
Griz: between "I passed one lousy exam" and "I passed a bunch of (tough) exams most of which are on types of programming I will never ever do again."
rev: lol
Griz: Cad - noun - shot for Scotts caddie - a man who acts in deliberate disregard for another's feelings or rights
Griz: perfect.
rev: Hmm, sounds about right

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