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The Kids Aren't Alright

Who are you? First Gary Glitter, now Pete. Not a good year for brit rock has beens.

Good weekend. Bad monday. Just overloaded with stuff piling up. Prototype stuff dropped in my lap due to sick coworker, LDAP screwups, that documentation we've been ignoring for better than a year is suddenly HIGH PRIORITY, Yet Another Change to the portal page ("it's a showstopper! The header graphic doesn't say 'Service'! We can't let the testers see a system that's not completely perfect!" Um, isn't that why we HAVE testers?). blech. And yet more troubles. At least the infertility front is looking good.

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Do you see now that your self-righteousness was nothing more than breeding and years of privilege? You know, we are one nation under a god. Yes, you were right. An angry, crack slinging god who decorates with bullets and spent condoms, a blind god whose eyes are just like yours.
- Henry Rollins


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