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I took a break from my mad coding session to do some prep work for a little DIY fun we are doing this weekend. Measured and started cutting thresholds for three doors (Dremel is your friend), and I was going to do some weather sealing but the caulk is frozen solid from being in the garage ;). While laying out the track for the new kitchen lighting, I realized I don't have the proper bulbs, one more thing on the list. I'm now reasonably sure that the problem with the BMW is related to an oil leak which we have put off having repaired. So further testing is now in order to determine if that is indeed the problem. I believe that come spring (or at least warmer weather) I will be building a workbench in the garage, to make these home improvement projects more organized and somewhat easier. Just as I enjoy fine tuning my computers for maximum useability, I enjoy tweaking my house as well. And of course, it generally adds to the value of the house, which is a win.

The real deal 1.0 release of PABlog is imminent. .9 was a fairly alpha release, this one will be easier to manage and the structure should remain consistent version to version from now on. I'm replacing *most* of the existing DTML with Page Templates, which very nicely seperates layout from logic. I rewrote most of the front end last night and this morning, and will finish that and write a management tool and finish the tree restructure by Monday.

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