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We made the trek out to Chesterfield to help for a post wedding reception (the wedding was in New Orleans a few months back, the reception was for people who couldn't be there). Harvey somehow managed to get Laura to think getting married to him was a good idea ;)

Mae finally got to meet a few co-workers (and former co-workers) and put a face to all the insane stories I tell her. They all verified that I told the truth, which she probably found even more disturbing. Jesus H and Queen Bitch were there, so I got to break the sad (to them) news that we in fact were not having septuplets (or fifteenuplets, as Renee was hoping). And of course, meeting the assorted spouses/kids/etc and the HR woman I've been hassling so mercilessly for so long. Excellent food (Bandana's), great company, and a wonderful time. It would've been nice if it had been longer, but it was a lot of fun regardless. And now I've gotten Keith to invite us down to his place for BBQ ;)

And what would a weekend be without a trip to Lowe's? The toilet tank level in Mae's bathroom gave out, and judging by the looks of it, about 5 years later than I would've expected. So one more thing on the honey do list for tomorrow. Good night, moon.

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