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Busy day? I just spent four hours burying the cat!

Got way more done yesterday than we do in any normal day, as Mae notes. In addition to all that I designed the workbench I'm going to build in the garage (probably next weekend) and came up with my materials list. Yes, I am a DIY geek as well. Dinner last night with Jeff and Misty was a blast. That was the most intellectually stimulating outing we've had in a long time. Aside from the requisite "biggest small town" connection talk we hit everything from parenting to entertainment to philosophy and religion and even squeezed in some politics (note: my politics are closer to Jeff's than you might think, depending on the topic). Sadly we didn't get to talking about one of the most important things until we were leaving. Next time, we'll have to start with guitars and guitarists and music in general. I finally have a lead on some great classical guitar in STL, so I'm thrilled!

Restructured comments in PABlog, fixed a security glitch, changed tree to use %m instead of %b for month (num instead of name), I'm about halfway to getting the redirect to last updated month going, and I expect to push the next build tonight. For next build I'm thinking about archives and maybe spell checking. I doubt spell checking will happen before 2.0. We'll see.

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