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Mike1: There will be training upstairs next week on [some software I didn't catch the name of]. R and M will be there, but you can't be trained because [some political reason I didn't pay attention to]. You can't observe, or be trained, but you can assist. You'll get all the handouts and workbooks and you can ask questions, but you are there to assist.
R: They're really hung up on terminology, aren't they?
Me: They aren't FRENCH fries, they're FREEDOM fries.
K:Except that they come from Belgium anyway.

I sometimes wonder how I don't go insane. Then S & I will sit and catalog how people misuse words (mute point, irregardless, etc etc). That helps.

It's always vaguelly disturbing to get an arrest warrant notice in the mail. Perhaps even more disturbing to realize that it is addressed to someone with a different first name and middle initial. On a different street. In a different city. And it was mailed a month and a half ago. Our Postal System is sometimes a scary thing.

Tonight is party down with Sugar at Helen Fitzgerald's. Come out and celebrate him getting another year closer to incontinence!

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