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Renee just showed me a report. A report of what reports are needed and formats and lots of other information. For this particular item, under the header of "Hardcopy" it says 'Yes'. Under "Online", it says 'No'. Then there's a header for "Hardcopy and Online". Sometimes this says 'No', sometimes 'Yes', sometimes 'YesNo'. And it's not consistent with the indications in the two other columns. I would think you could derive 'Is this report available in both hardcopy and online" by looking at the Hardcopy and Online columns. But that's just me.

In our conference room there are a lot of chairs around the perimeter of the room, and a large table in the center. Usually, we all sit around the edge and Mike1 sits at the table. Today Matt1 also sat there, at the opposite end. As the meeting went on and devolved into a discussion about what qualifies as a Final document and what qualifies as a Draft and who should review which, Matt got bored and started playing spin-the-cel phone. He was fairly subtle about it, he would make suggestive eyes and lick his lips at whomever it ended up pointing at. This was the highlight of the meeting, really.

So the Unisys people will be Observers at the training next week. We will be Assisting. Is anyone actually being TRAINED? Why are the Unisys people Observing? Because their contract doesn't allow for billing training. Or assisting. Just observing. So they're not being trained, they're observing. They get the workbooks and the handouts and get to ask questions. If there's a certificate of completion they'll get one of those as well. But they're not being trained, they're observing. I love bureacracies.

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