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Don't fence me in

I put in my first fence today. Really not all that difficult. Dig hole, put post in hole, pour in concrete, let set, attach chain link, done.

Having seen a lot of the coverage on CNN this weekend, I can only hope for a rapid resolution to the hostilities. And that Aaron Brown reconsiders his current course of heavily abusing psychotropic drugs before going on the air. The man is broadcasting from a different planet. I've never heard such random questions, so many bizarre non-sequiters, and the reporters and guests are quite clearly disturbed by him. Insane.

Steve Martin is unquestionably the best host the Oscar's have ever had. Brilliant, funny, biting, and with impeccable timing and delivery. UPDATE I knew I'd end up blogging too soon. Michael Moore was brilliant. There were several great statements favoring a quick peace in Iraq and the safe return of our troops, which I support, but Moore got all the nominees in his category to join him on stage in protest of the war. As he noted "We love non-fiction. We live in fictitious times with fictitious elections that give us a fictitious president." Brilliant I say.

Oh, and I put up the latest version of PABlog. Release notes on the project page, you can download from (it's faster) if you'd rather.

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