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'Twas like thunder, all through the night

Damn that was frightening. I got home from work and all the channels were covering tornadoes headed in our direction. We watched the paths on the radar and started doing what preparation we could (gather portable radio, flashlights, bottled water, batteries, etc etc) and getting increasingly nervous. We cancelled our planned trip to the gym and monitored the storm until it finally looked like we were in the clear. The storm moved south of us and headed to the Ill side. When we saw it headed for Jefferson County we called Freddy and warned him to get to shelter. Interesting stats: Since 1871 there have been 8 tornadoes in St. Louis City. There have been 31 in the County (if you don't know the STL area, the City and County are completely separate entities). The thunderstorms are still incredibly bad here (watching the lighting maps is incredible, it's basically the entire middle/south eastern section of the state is blanketed in lightning). I work with a lot of people down in St. Genvieve and over in Illinois, and I hope they all made it through OK.

Now would be a good time to note that I grew up in California. Earthquakes? Pshaw. No deal at all. I was in the big Northridge quake and the Loma Prieta. Not something to look forward to, but psychologically I can handle them just fine. I have a severe aversion (not quite phobia, but a good deal of the way there) to high winds and Tornados are just off the chart for me. I didn't enjoy that in the least. Tomorrow evening, we will alter our plans and go shopping for an emergency kit.

I somehow doubt I'll sleep well tonight. Another observation: Fox declined to interrupt American Idol for any weather updates, choosing instead to scroll alerts on the bottom of the screen along with an occasionally updating hard to decipher map showing random parts of the area sometimes with and sometimes without radar on it. We kept flipping to CBS and ABC and they pretty much dropped their regular shows in favor of detailed map coverage which was appreciated. I guess fox figured that getting those ad dollars was more important than possibly saving a life.

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