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My apparatus is up to status

Notes from the status meeting:

G. wants to more of a bottleneck than they already are. I've never seen a file clerk with this much power. She is a file clerk. She now wants the application process to stop after the first step until she personally reviews and approves each one.

They are going to.... timebox the requirements. What this means is, for example, we have $1,000,000.00 for project X. Project X is estimated to take 12 weeks. By their calculation that leaves us with 3 weeks for requirements gathering, and whatever requirements we have at three weeks is what we build. Yea, because that worked so well last time we tried that approach with roughly those numbers. In October the gov't people were told to cooperate fully in requirements gathering and that it had to be done in 3 weeks. It is now MAY. I guess they meant for slightly large values of "3 weeks". Or perhaps there is some new definition of the time period "week" of which I am not aware.

The architect is gone. The second architect is gone. We will not have a third architect. P will be taking over as team lead (NOT architect) of the architecture team. There was much rejoicing, P is well respected and liked, and we'd rather he not go the way of the last two people who headed the architecture team. Between the Cube Of Death* and the Chief Architect position this place is dangerous.

Mike3 glances at my notepad and comments on the legibility of my writing. I respond "That's why I like computers".

Jury duty was everything it could've been, and less. But I got to go to Missouri Hisory Museum more on that later.

*The Cube of Death has claimed all three of it's tenants since this project started, only one of whom left the company by choice.

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