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Will the real Unix owner, please stand up, please stand up...

Hmmm. It would appear that SCO is on less than stable ground. Not only do they not own the patents and copyrights to UNIX as they claim, but they knew they didn't own them when they filed suit against IBM and started claiming that they were going to sue all Linux distributors as well. Novell announced today that they still owned the patents and copyrights in question, and a quick check with the US Patent and Trade Office would confirm this. Novell further exposed the fact that over the past few months SCO has repeatedly tried to get Novell to transfer ownership of the patents and copyrights to SCO, which Novell declined to do. So SCO, a Linux distributor, launches an anti-Linux crusade based on false claims of patent and copyright infringement*. Let's look for a moment at SCO's revenue. Last quarter it made $21 million dollars. Over 1/3 of that came from licensing of SCOSource. Who licensed most of that? Microsoft.

Curioser and curioser

*if there is a claim, it would be up to Novell to pursue it.

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