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A cat's the only cat who knows where it's at

Sometimes having pets can be extremely difficult, as Jenniferwill attest. We took the mooch in on Saturday to have a chronic sinus problem looked at. He wasuncooperative, to say the least, and ended up needing to be sedated. The cat bags were insufficient.The vet gave him WAY too much tranquilizer, as he was trashed until Sunday evening. I think she overreacted because he was being difficult, and she admitted as much on Monday. She also gave him a corticosteroid shot because she was of the opinion that pills were not an option with him. He has not been able to keep any food down since Saturday as a result. The vet did not advise me of this possible side effect, even though I asked about side effects. So I'm not real thrilled atthis point.

In my conversation with her yesterday, she advised getting baby food instead of cat food, chicken or turkey only with no vegetables in them. Target's selection was limited, so I went toSchnuck's (yes, I crossed the picket. My cat's health means more to me than the picket. Deal.) andtheir selection was extensive but everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, has vegetables in it. Nowonder kids hate vegetables. They're sick of them. So I got toddler food that was just chunks of chicken and turkey in a broth. That came right back up too.

We tried soft cat food (which they only get on special occasions) and it seemed much better.The pureed stuff stayed down nicely. This morning I got up after a whopping 4.5 hours of sleep and cracked open another can (I'm sure Woem is going to gain 10 pounds if we need to do this much longer) but it was something like beef slices in gravy. That came back up. So we have an appointment today with a vet whom we met at a friends' house a few weeks ago.

I just want him to be able to eat again.

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