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I tried very hard to watch Coupling last night. There is tremendous controversy about the casual treatment of sex. Everyone is in an uproar, and they are overlooking a far more fundamental problem with the show. It is possibly the worst TVshow ever made. Which is very very surprising given that it's a shot-for-shot remakeof the BBC show,which is one of the best TV shows ever made.

When I say shot-for-shot, I'm not kidding. The script is identical, whith modifications forUS-centric slang in place of UK-centric slang. The sets are identical. The actors lookmostly very similar. The camera angles are identical. The actors even try to mimic the delivery style and facial expressions of the British actors. I'm not sure whether to blame the director or the actors, but let's be real. There are literally only twothings different between the US and the UK versions: Director, actors. The UK version is hilarious, the US version is less enjoyable than a 12 hour video seminar on how paint dries.

I was truly hoping that it would be cancelled during the commercial break and theywould run ANYTHING ELSE for the remainder of the time slot. Or even dead air. That would've been a tremendous improvement. Thankfully, we have TiVo. "Delete this show?" YES!

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