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We'd need an ark to survive the drool

There are few things more tedious than a Jehovah's Witness and an Evangelical Christian arguing doctrine. They completely talk past each other and never approach even attempting to understand what the other is saying. I did note that the evangelicals tend to move the goalposts a lot more often. What is amazing is how often they both say things like "we know xyz". Well, no, we don't. We know that something that happened 2000 years ago or more (if you're talking Old Testament) has been through several mistranslations (intentional and otherwise, informed by political agendas, racism, nationalism, and valuing ideology over accuracy) over many hundeds of years Funny that any time the non-Evangelical brings up a point that contradicts the position of the Evangelical, the Evangelical claims it's an unimportant issue regardless of what it is.
Evangelical makes a statement about an issue (in this case the number of witnesses in a case)
Jehovah's Witness mentions a story in the bible
Ev claims that's not in the REAL bible (Meaning, I think, that that story isn't in the KJV Bible)
She grabs his bible and points to it
He then claims it doesn't say what she thinks it says, that the text is different between the two
She points out that no, they're pretty much identical
He then claims that it doesn't mean what the words say.
This is why I don't bother discussing any issues at all with True Believers of any type (religion, economics, politics, software, music, etc). The one thing they had in coming was their persecution complex. They agreed wholeheartedly that the reason they were kicked out during voire dire is because they were so much smarter than the lawyers in the case who didn't even recognize that they quoted the Bible in their answer to the questions.
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Just because you explain something, doesn't mean you're right
- John Stone


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