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We're gonna shake, we're gonna quake

I was trying to get back to sleep after taking Boo to the bathroom. We're doing nighttime potty training so I'm up every few hours to make sure she gets to the bathroom. Suddenly I feel a very gentle shaking. As in the whole house is gently being awoken from it's slumber. "Earthquake" I thought. Well, this is Missouri and earthquakes large enough to feel aren't common. Boo's bed was tapping the wall, I checked to make sure she wasn't messing around. Mae was up, wondering what it was. We theorized it might be a big truck, but we hadn't heard a truck and it lasted far too long. I said "I grew up in California. I know an earthquake when I feel one." You can feel the difference between a house being shaken by tornado speed winds and being shaken from the ground up. I went through the two biggest quakes in CA of the last twenty years. I was in the Bay Area during the Loma Prieta quake (the World Series quake) and in L.A. for the Northridge quake.

West Salem, IL

Technical Details

If you felt it, report it!

It took 40 minutes for any local news site to have it up (KMOX), the post updated about another 10 minutes after that. I went straight to the USGS site, though they only update every half hour or so.

UPDATEAftershocks will be listed here. Thanks to Chris Guthrie for that link.

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