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Can't learn to shop happily

So one downside to doing the grocery shopping if you're a guy: they won't bag your groceries. I've been doing the grocery shopping for more than four years by myself (or sometimes with one or two kids in tow). I can go through the checkstand with a full cart and the bagger will wander off to help a woman with a little handbasket of groceries. I can go through with a full cart and two babies (as I did on Sunday) and the bagger walked away as I was unloading my stuff onto the belt.

I don't think it's just me, I have noticed that women and the elderly get their stuff bagged no problem but I see other men bagging their own fairly often. It's much worse at Dierberg's than it is at Schnucks, surprisingly. It doesn't bother me when it's just me, I don't *need* help when it's just me, but when I have Boo or the babies it seems a bit absurd that I'm bagging my own groceries. In the past I've mentioned it to managers who say "Gee, I'm sorry, maybe it's because we were really busy." Yea, the store was jam packed 5 minutes ago but now strangely enough you've got more baggers than customers.
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