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As I was pulling out of the parking garage one of those billboard trucks went by advertising PT's. The major event they were promoting was "Free Erotic Body Piercing". At a strip club. I would have to imagine that's possibly not the most sterile environment in which to have something like that done. Is that even legal? And do you really want someone jabbing a needle into your body in a poorly light noisy club crowded full of drunk people? There is a very high probablity of things going Very Badly.When I got home I went to the website to see the details on this, as it wasn't clear from the billboard when and where this was happening (if you aren't a connoisseur of East Side strip clubs, PT's owns five over there ranging from the high end Penthouse club to the skanky and dangerous Roxy). The "Free Erotic Body Piercing" was happening at Roxy's, natch. Which obviates any questions of legality. Oh, and it happened two days ago. I get that billboards sometimes aren't taken down right after an event happens, but this is a mobile billboard. Maybe just don't keep paying them to drive around promoting something that's over?Though I am curious as to what they consider to be an "Erotic" versus "Non-Erotic" body piercing. If I wanted to go get my eyebrow done would that count? What about my belly button. I understand that's considered erotic when a woman does it, but I would argue there's no way it could be considered such if I did it.
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I don't think I want to go to the restaurant where portion size is the signifier of value.
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