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You want it all

On a warm summer day there was nothing quite like going to the mom and pop grocery across from my best friend Brian's house and getting an It's It!. There was a poster next to the freezer case that said "What is it? It's-it!" This delicious concoction was a favorite treat throughout my childhood all the way up until I move to L.A. They were only sold in the Bay Area, and everyone knew what an It's-It was. Vanilla ice cream between two oatmeal cookies and dipped in chocolate. Incredible.

Last night something Boo said at the dinner table while eating her ice cream caused me to start singing Faith No More's hit single Epic. Which reminded me of pet sitting for my sister at her apartment and having access to MTV for the first time, when the video was in heavy rotation. The next day I went out and bought the cassingle to see if I liked it enough to buy the whole album. The b-side. Edge of the World, is what really sold me on them and remains one of my favorite FNM tracks.

As my daughters finished off their ice cream I had one of those moments of clarity in which it dawned on me that the obtuse chorus of Epic may well refer to the delicious ice cream treat. It's it/What is it?/It's it/What is it? Only took me 19 years to figure that one out.

Now I'm craving one, and they're only available by the case.
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