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For real breathe and stop

Last night was my first with the new CPAP machine. I opted for the least cumbersome mask option I could, a nose pillow. Oddly named, in my view as it's not something your nose rests on or anything.

They did try to upsell me on a $60 pillow, which I declined. It doesn't look particularly comfortable, and I choose the mask I did with the hope that it would not interfere with my sleep at all.

I had no troubles sleeping with the mask on, the sensation of the air pressure and the weirdness in trying to talk while wearing it will take some getting used to. Av got up at 3am and needed some care and attention, after which I didn't put the mask back on (figuring there was a greater than 50% chance I'd be up again in 10 minutes or so). She finally settled down about 4, at that point I just went back to sleep without the CPAP. I got in about 5 1/2 hours with it so I consider that a success for the first night. They would like me to use it at least 4 hours per night, though I'm certainly planning on using it as much as possible.
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