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the industry continues to grind out the cheez whiz

And this is why I hate record companies:

CD1: Postcards From A Young Man / Inky Fingers / Engage With Your Shadow / Kiss My Eyes For Eternity
CD2: Postcards From A Young Man / Midnight Sun
7": Postcards From A Young Man / The Passing Show
Live EP: Postcards From a Young Man/ This Joke Sport Severed/ Peeled Apples / Marlon J.D

So to get all the non-album tracks I have to buy the album track FOUR TIMES. This why people pirate. I'd be happy to pay for all the tracks not available elsewhere, but a) I don't want physical media! and b) I don't want to have to buy four separate items to get them. The record labels cannot die a horribly painful death soon enough for my taste.
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