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Where would I be without IBM?

After a decade on IBM Websphere and assorted versions of their development tools we are making an enterprise move to JBoss and JBoss Developer Studio. I'm an open source fan, and WAS is seriously bloated and a big pain to admin. Of course, we're on an EOL'd version of WAS so a more current one may well be better. I'm sure JBoss has it's own headaches that we'll have to learn, but it will be interesting to get into it and I'm looking forward to it. One really interesting thing we found in the informational sessions is that Red Hat handles licensing much differently. With IBM (or most of the other vendors) we'd buy licenses for a version. So we could install WAS 6.x and that's it. If 7.0 comes out during our license lifespan we'd have to pay an upgrade fee and blah blah blah. With Red Hat we have a license for any of their supported versions. We want to move from 5 to 6 mid license lifespan? No problem, no charge. This appeals to me a great deal, as licensing issues have hassled us from day one with WAS.
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