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This is a simple script that determines if a date is a US governmentbusiness day.

version 0.1

version 0.2 14.01.2003 - fixed logic in determining Thanksgivin
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NPR Scripts

The NPR scripts are for scheduled recording of particular NPR shows sothey can be moved to an iPod or some lesser MP3 device. I use AudioHijack Pro from Rogue Amoeba with the schedule helper installed andhighly recommend it. There are other similar tools out there, and I'mfairly sure you could ...
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Uses resize() instead of thumbnail() in order to make size relativerather than absolute. Requires PIL. It's released under LGPL. Yes, it'sfrighteningly basic, what do you want for 15 minutes work?

It's here.
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Blog Tool Guide

Installationguide and ephemera for the blog tool.

Tested on:
Zope 2.6.2/CMF 1.4.2
Zope 2.6.1/CMF 1.4.2
Zope 2.6.1/CMF 1.3.1

Features of PABlog (running on CMF or plone)

  • You can have as many weblogs on a site as you want
  • Customizable subjects for entries
  • Comment system*
  • Multiple editors on all weblogs
  • Search*
  • Member registration*
  • Member profiles (if they want)*
  • Publish date (decide when ...
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Simple blog toolfor Zope. Requires Zope and CMF. This has been tested with Zope 2.6.2,CMF 1.4. YMMV.

Current Version
13.Jun.2004 - 1.8 is here. Old Versions
19.Dec.2003 - 1.7 is here.
20.Aug.2003 - 1.6.5 is here.

Many wonderful changes.

Many wonderful changes.

Tweak to make it CMF 1.4 friendly.

Made it plone friendly, read the README carefully if ...
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This is a project I started backwhen I first started learning python, and I haven't done much with itsince. There are several py tools that do ID3 manipulation (all builton Ben Gertzfield's In trying to organize the MP3 server andall that sort of nonsense I'm thinking of maybe finishing ...
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Zope Intranet

Guideto using Zope as an intranet server.


Develop an intranet for the company to replace the current "sharedfolder" system. Ease of use/maintenance, granular access control,central management interface, user management tools all required.


There will be a single overall site, with subsections for eachdepartment. The primary site should include a news section, a ...
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XML Editors

Comparison of XML editors circa 2001


One of the identified requirements for the Tequiza project is anXML/webforms editor. I have evaluated the top offerings for the Windowsoperating system, which is our target audience. As a basis forcomparison and with the idea in mind that down the road there may be aneed ...
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Voice XML

Workon VXML as replacement for VR systems for CWI.

Starting to look intoVoice XML. I'm evaluating VXML as the nextgeneration of IVR, replacing the legacy systems and providingfunctionality not available in traditional IVR systems.

Update: VXML is remarkably simple, just as WDSL/WAPare. It also hassome fairly interesting applications as a replacement ...
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Performance Metrics

Performancemetrics project for Commercialware

|Metric: measurement ofa particular characteristic of a program's performance or efficiency.

Tim has since taken over this project

Update 3.8.2001 - I've been through the cdc demo, now I must talk toTrish about the desired metrics.

I believe that the goal is to review the performance of the client sideof ...
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